Content Monetization Policy and Standards

WUBITS's features that enable the monetization of content to enable people and organizations earn crypto(money) from their biggest supporters. Content is traded using Ethereum blockchain via Web 3 wallets such as MetaMask

All people who monetize content on WUBITS are held to additional Content Monetization Standards detailed on this page.

Note: These standards have been developed to ensure that people who use WUBITS's content monetization features can derive the utmost value from these features, reduce likelihood of conduct and content related harms for people on WUBITS, and enable learning and iteration on these features in the future. WUBITS may modify these standards based on additional findings and user feedback.

Content Monetization Standards

Content Monetization Fees

WUBITS collects service fees on the following transactions:

Note: Buyers and Sellers may incur additional transaction fees in the form of blockchain gas fees, wallet fees, etc. All transactions and fees are final and non-refundable. WUBITS is not responsible for any disputes. You must contact individual content creators for any conflict, dispute resolution.